About the Cardi

Since 1870, the Cardina Park Hotel has been providing guests with an opportunity to experience the hospitality that is truly unique to a country hotel nestled on the urban fringe.


For more than a century now, under many guises, "The Bush Inn, Paynes Hotel, Cardinia Creek Hotel" to name but a few, the "Cardi" has been a haven for both local and travelling patrons.

To this day, the evolution of the hotel continues, more recently via the completion of a major renovation which only further enhances our guests overall experience in what has become a very real entertainment destination. We pride ourselves in offering quality food and beverages with a superior level of warm and friendly service in comfortable ultramodern surroundings. We extend an open invitation to join us and experience all that the Cardi has to offer.

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Cardinia Park Hotel practices responsible service of gambling and alcohol //